Meet The Local Scream Staff..

The Local Scream Radio Show Host -

  Reverend Four Names

Denny Robert Blake Williams AKA: Reverend Four Names is a Rock N' Roll Lovin' Bassist that has played in many bands thru the years, Prarie Fire, Shotgunn Blue, Stonewall, Alive N' Kickin', & Currently Rockaholics Anonymous. He spent roughly half his life in Southwest Detroit and the other half in Middle Tennessee giving him a unique style and a love for a wide array of music from country to metal and everything in between. He currently resides in Lapeer, Michigan with his beautiful wife Laurie. Although he has no radio experience he works hard to promote local music and to grow the audience of The Local Scream Radio Show. The Rev loves to ride his motorcycle in his spare time and can usually be found at an open jam or show when he's not gigging himself. He has plans to release a solo album in 2018 with guests on every track. He also loves to collect vinyl albums and has a large collection of classic vinyl. The most important things in life are family and music. "Life is Short, Live It" The Rev

 The Local Scream Co-Host -

Ms. Heather Metal

    Hello.  It’s Heather “Metal” Jensen, your co-host on The Local Scream.  Being the co-host on TLS has allowed me the broader ability to continue to voluntarily be involved in helping to promote bands and support our Michigan musicians.  Another perk is getting to hang out with amazing, talented people with so many stories to tell through their music and interviews.   

    My own experience in music has been a lifetime in the making.  As the lead singer for Heather Metal’s Stolen Future Orchestra, one of the lead singers in Smokesum –n- Jammsum, a co-host on a live broadcast, and with the support of my family, friends and acquaintances, this Michigan girls dreams have all come to life.         

    Being a lifetime Michigander, I attended school in Owosso and graduated from Mt. Morris.  I spent a short time on WTAC 600 am during its Christian music span and graduated from Ross Medical.  My real passions have always been music, entertaining, spending time with family & friends, and exploring our beautiful, water surrounded Peninsula’s.  An Insurance Agent by day and an entertainer and live music supporter by night, definitely keeps me very busy.   

    I encourage you to send us your music, be a guest and play your music on air, call the show, like our Facebook page, listen to the live stream, attend TLS events, sponsor an ad for a short or long term reasons, and join the Scream Team.  Being on The Local Scream Team, I am dedicated to helping you make new connections and to getting your music out there for old and new fans to hear!