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Saturday August 11th 2018

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TLS Playlist 8-11-18

1. Audrey Burne - God's Got Me For a Dollar
2. Volcano and The New Radio Standard - Detroit
3. JR Casterfish - Obsession (Tom Sumner's Woot-Woot Picks Sponsored By: The Tom Sumner Program)
4. Gwen Pennyman Hemphill - Almost Like Being in Love
5. Maurice Davis - The Thangs You Do
6. Division In Time - Lead
7. Donald Benjamin - I Choose the Whiskey
8. The Savior Machines - Greatest Show in the Galaxy
9. SIBUS - Who I Am
10. Erica Mourad - Still Writing My Love Story
11. The Gasoline Gypsies - Killin' Time
12. The Haberdasher - Mr. Badluck
13. Saint Paulie Street - Mississippi Leg Hound (Flashback Sponsored By: Smokers Palace Lapeer)
14. Alex Schofield - Give 'Em Hell
15. Ian Hamlett - Find the Light (Dance Fever's Pick of the Week Sponsored By: Hitch-N-Post)
16. Jackson Taylor Music - Long Line of Lovers (TLS Exclusive Interview - Collect Call Sponsored By: The School of Bach)
17. The 99 - Better Than I Was

Guests Included: Thrown To The Wolf, Jackson Taylor Music, Kin Faux