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Saturday August 25th 2018

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TLS Playlist 8-25-18
(Hosted By: Heather Metal)

1. The Conspiracy - All for You
2. Static Factory - Body Piercing Mandatory
3. Polychromic - The Edge
4. BringoutyourDead - The Widower
5. Demise of the Enthroned - Texas Funeral (Marc's Metal Scream Sponsored By: Smokers Palace Lapeer)
6. E.Z. Duhzit and The Soul Jar - Web of Deceit
7. Others Eyes - The Chase (Heather's Pick of the Week Sponsored By: My Merch Guy)
8. Fire Kreek - Spread Your Wings and Fly
9. Todd Gilbert - Paper Airplanes
10. Smokesum n Jammsum - Death Cake
11. Mitch Diamond & the Yankee Sons - Young Relic (Country Scream Sponsored By: Hitch-N-Post)
12. Dead Giveaway - Your Name
13. Hyphr - Got It Bad (Flashback Sponsored By: The Tom Sumner Program)
14. Whitey Morgan and the 78's - Honky Tonk Queen (Drop The Needle Baby Sponsored By: Lapeer Wine and Spirits)

Guests Included: Todd Gilbert, SugarPunk Fairies (TLS Collect Call Sponsored By: The School of Bach, and One Against the Grain