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Saturday September 15th 2018

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TLS Playlist 9-15-18

1. Greta Van Fleet - When the Curtain Falls
2. Kevin B Klein - We Are Detroit
3. John Ritchens - Don't Forget Yesterday
4. Infamous Quick - Tequila Rose
5. Demise of the Enthroned - Texas Funeral (Marc's Metal Scream Sponsored By: The New Backdoor Lounge)
6. The Eddie T Band w/ Sophie Noelle - Only One
7. Cash O'Riley - Tennessee Naughty Water (Keith's Country Scream Sponsored By: My Merch Guy)
8. Spiral Crush - See It In My Eyes
9. Werewolves - All Hell is Comfort (Drop the Needle Sponsored By: Lapeer Wine and Spirits)
10. Becoming Human - Backwoods
11. Kari Holmes - Charmer (Ladies That Rock Sponsored By: Hitch-N-Post)
12. Dave Edwards - We're Gonna Rock
13. The Gasoline Gypsies - Killin' Time
14. Static Factory - M.A.D.

Drop the Needle WINNER Announced.

Guests Included: Lost Subliminal Dreams & √Čtienne Cousineau ( Glass Empires)