1-12-19 TLS PLAYLIST – Gibson Tanner Benefit Edition

Brought to you by Lapeer Wine and Spirits:
1) Crop Circle – Absolute
2) Evil E (aka Ian Hamlett) - Camperlife
Brought to you by My Merch Guy:
3) Tripp n Dixie –
4) No Class Assassins – Born To Be Chalklined
Brought to you by Hitch-N-Post :
5) Lazy Bones – Better Than I (Thank you Tim A Rickard)
6) Pack Sounds – Glued
Brought to you by Smokers Palace Lapeer:
7) JaKe Cox – The Morning After
8) JonPaul Wallace – Used To
9) Dirty Mind Detroit – The Bigger The Better
In Studio Performance by Overdrive :
10) Overdrive (live) – Remember The Days
11) Overdrive (live) - Lightning Strikes
12) Overdrive (live) – Into My Mind
Brought to you by The School of Bach
13) Greta Van Frank - Sniff Me Balls (just for laughs courtesy of Frank Panetta)
14) The Haberdasher – Mr. Badluck
Live in studio performance by The Bandura Gypsies :
12) The Bandura Gypsies (live) – Stay
13) The Bandura Gypsies (live) – Forest Dance
14) The Bandura Gypsies (live) – Where the Gnomes Go
15) The Bandura Gypsies (live) - Remember There’s Love

Hosted by Heather “Metal” Jensen, Marc “Dance Fever” Morin, and Tom Sumner located in the Tom Sumner Program Studio.

In Studio Guests: Big Thank you to Overdrive and The Bandura Gypsies for making their way into the studio and hanging out with TLS team!

Call In Interview: Another big thanks goes out to Andrew of Pack Sounds for calling the studio and sharing what’s happening with the band.

The FB live video from the show is below. An archive of the show will be found on our website at a later date.

And a HIGH 5 to all Screamers that hung out with all of us on either the live stream or the live Facebook. Without all of you and this awesome Michigan Music this show would not be possible. Keep up with the artists, go to a show, by the music, and encourage your children to follow their musical dreams. Thank you – Your Michigan music podcast hostess – Heather “Metal” Jensen !