TLS Playlist 2-16-19

1. The Gasoline Gypsies - Norma Jean
2. Stifling Edith - Warts & All
3. E.Z. Duhzit and The Soul Jar - Web of Deceit
4. Jackstand - Rodeo
5. Down Home Groove - Gasoline (Rev's Picks of the Week (Tracks 5-6) Sponsored By: Starcore Recording Studio
6. Reverend Four Names & the All*Star Choir - Shine
7. Alan Turner - Tennessee Twister (Brother Stone's Picks of the Week (Tracks 7-8) Sponsored By: DB's Live
8. Lonny Ray - Backroads
9. Werewolves - All Hell is Comfort (Drop the Needle - Live Vinyl Play Sponsored By: Lapeer Wine and Spirits)
10. Bobaflex - Lights out (Appearing LIVE February 28th at Diesel Concerts Detroit w/ Special Guests: The Werewolves, Sever ItAll, Feeding Your Fears, & From Birth to Death!
11. Division In Time - Rolling On (Flashback Track Sponsored By: Smokers Palace Lapeer)
12. JonPaul Wallace - Used To (Jam of the Week Sponsored By: DOPE Water - The Official Water of The Local Scream Radio Show)
13. INFLUENCE - Talk to Myself (Debut of the Week Sponsored By: The School of Bach)
14. Buried With Sincerity - War and Evil (Marc's Metal \m/ Pick of the Week Sponsored By: My Merch Guy - The Official Merchandiser of The Local Scream Radio Show)
15. Smokesum n Jammsum - BIGFOOT (Lovely Laurie's Pick of the Week Sponsored By: Hitch-N-Post)
16. Jenn's Apartment - Don't Leave Me Lonely

Guests Include: RENT STRIKE, Slowfoot, and a Collect Call from Act Casual..

Hosted By: Reverend Four Names w/ "Dance Fever" Morin & Brother Stone

Engineered By: Tom Sumner