Guests Include: Lisa Hurt, Super Horn Dog, & Andrea Love.
Hosted By: Rev Four Names

10-13-18 TLS FB live. In studio guests: Lisa Hurt and Super Horn Dog. Call in from Andrea Love.

Hosted by Denny Robert Blake Williams, Marc Morin, Brother Stone, and produced by Tom Sumner. Heather Metal was bummed she wasn't there!

Fun interview & in-studio performance by Lisa Hurt Music. She performed:
1) The Flood
2) Catastrophe
3) Sleeping In the Fire - Wasp cover
4) Happy Now

Super Horn Dog performed live:
1) Mynd
2) Daze
3) Old Flint Creek
4) Hee Haw tune

Andrea Love called us all the way from California. Thanks for letting us know that you are doing great and we miss you!

Dan Theman stopped by the studio to hang out.

Check out Paul's Pipe Shop in Downtown Flint.