11-17-18 TLS PLAYLIST – 7 Years of 711 Entertainment Edition
Hosted by – Heather "Metal" Jensen, Marc "Dance Fever" Morin, Brother Stone, Tom Sumner & Reverend Four Names stopped in

In Studio Guests: Rocky Wallace, Jimmie Bones, Tino Gross, & Carlton Washington

All the awesome Michigan Music we played:
1) Givensix – Victim
2) E.Z. Duhzit and The Soul Jar – The Octopus
3) Vicariant – Humility
4) Avalon Black – Through The Storm
5) Wakefire – Drunken Lullaby
6) Eva Under Fire – Misery
7) WestFall – Stand My Ground
8) Hypyr, original rock band. – The Mad Hatter
9) Thundergrater – Don’t Hold Back
10) Super Horn Dog – Rubber Band
11) Shoot the Rooster – Went To Hell
12) Fire Kreek – Poor Mans Dime
13) Mitch Diamond & The Yankee Sons – Forever Rollin On
14) Everything Rocky Wallace – Single Forever
15) Everything Rocky Wallace – Center of Gravity
16) Everything Rocky Wallace – I Wanna Hang Out
17) Tino G’s Dumpster Machine – I Almost Played With The Stooges
18) Jimmie Bones - Snakebit & Wandering (live performance)
19) Jimmie Bones – Cross That I Bear (live performance)
20) Jimmie Bones, Tino Gross, & Carlton Washington: The Stooges – I Need Somebody (FB live after show performance)

In studio visit from TLS Alumni: Rocky Wallace. We had a nice chat with Rocky and catching up on what’s new with her. We also played 3 of her songs:
1) Single Forever
2) Center of Gravity
3) I Wanna Hang Out

In Studio visit & performance by TLS Alumni’s: Jimmie Bones, Tino Gross, & Carlton Washington. Great to have the guys back again. Loved hearing the history of how you all met and have become amazing friends.
1) Snakebit & Wandering
2) The Cross That I Bear
3) Covered an amazing blues drummer Mr. James Osterburg aka Iggy Pop’s tune: Stooges – I need somebody (live FB after show performance)

* Call In - Stacey Binelli from SugarPunk Fairies
* Friends Who Stopped by - Dan The Man stopped by the studio to hang out for a little bit
* Heather Metals Weekend Warrior report background music provided by: Jimmie Bones, Tino Gross, & Carlton Washington (Bring It On Over)
* Special Thank You – to Jackie Wallace for the awesome pizza and homemade wine
* Per a convo we had, Jimmie Bones suggested a book: This Is Your Brain on Music
* Shout out to: Jail Guitar Doors organization founded by Wayne Kramer (MC5) jailguitardoors.org. A program that puts guitars into a convicted persons hands to help alleviate them from coming out of prison or being in prison without having a way to express themselves or helping them to have something else in their hand other than a guitar.

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Without all of you, this amazing Michigan music and community would not be possible. BIG THANKS to you all of you from your Michigan Music podcast hostess – Heather “Metal” Jensen