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3-2-19 Andrew Falk, Mark Lavengood, The Wolf Hunterz

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TLS Playlist 3-2-19

1. Ballz Deluxe - Bullet
2. The Conspiracy - Infernally Yours
3. The 99 - Loud and Clear
4. Jimmie Bones - Snakebit and Wandering
5. Ratta Tatt - Why (TLS World Debut Sponsored By: My Merch Guy)
6. Deadringerband - Fire It Up (Rev's Pick of the Week Sponsored By: DBs Live)
7. SugarPunk Fairies - Dating Down (Marc's Pick of the Week Sponsored By: Lapeer Wine and Spirits)
8. Two-Tone Corduroy - Babble ITM (TLS World Debut - 2 yr Anniversary Bash Headliner Sponsored By: Hitch-N-Post)
9. Mark Lavengood - 3 Day Blow (Brother Stone's Pick of the Week Sponsored By: Smokers Palace Lapeer)
10. The Distance - Small Town Dreamers
11. Infamous Quick - Tequila Rose
12. The Eddie T Band - No Hank in my Songs
13. Chris Eilersen - Her Light

Guests Include:
Andrew Falk (Starcore Recording Studio)
Tracks Played: 1. Down Home Groove - Gasoline 2. Jaime Marvin - A Little Light 3. Ken Williams - Outcast 4. Andrew Falk - Take the Time 5. Reverend Four Names - Shine

The Wolf HunterZ Tracks Played: 1. Bang Your Head 2. Anticipation 3. Get Low

Plus a Collect Call (Sponsored By: The School of Bach) from: Mark Lavengood

Hosted By: Reverend Four Names w/ Marc Morin & Keith "Brother Stone" Stanley

Produced By: Tom Sumner