TLS Playlist 3-16-19 St. Patty's Day SCREAM! 1. The Creeping Chaos​ - Dead in the Water 2. Desolation Alley​ - Lessons 3. Frijid Pink - Official​ - Band Next Door 4. Casting Shadowz​ - Falling Down 5. Flogging Molly​ (St. Patty's Scream Sponsored By: Lapeer Wine and Spirits​) 6. The Waxies​ (St. Patty's Scream Pt #2) 7. Mitch Diamond​ & the Yankee Sons - Our Bar (The Where's Brother Stone Song of the Week Sponsored By: Smokers Palace Lapeer​) 8. From Blue To Gray​ - Blur the Lines (Marc​'s Metal Scream of the Week Sponsored By: My Merch Guy​) 9. The Savior Machines - Life on Planet Hell (Lovely Laurie's Flashback Track Sponsored By: Hitch-N-Post​) 10. Spiral Crush​ - Nothing to Lose (Happy Birthday Shaun​!) (Rev's Pick of the Week Sponsored By: DBs Live​) 11. Everything Rocky​ - I Wanna Hang Out (TLS Jam of the Week Sponsored By: Dope A$$ Dream Wall​ DOPE Water The Official Water of The Local Scream) 12. Greta Van Fleet​ - When the Curtain Falls (National Michigan Artist of the Week Sponsored By: Starcore Recording Studio​ Almont, Michigan) 13. Stifling Edith​ - Falling Sideways 14. Audrey Burne - Witchrider 15. The Zotz​ - Get Out of My Way 16. Citizen Zero​ - Go (Let Me Save You) Guests Include: Module B​, Naysayin​, & Chirp​ (Collect Call Sponsored By: The School of Bach​) Live In Studio Performances: Module B 1. Brightness 2. Get There 3. I'm Blessed Naysayin 1. Bathroom Walls 2. Blue King 3. ???